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Make Your Party the Talk of the Town

Parties and Receptions from 10 to 1,000

Whether it be a corporate-sponsored trade show event, a pre-dinner cocktail reception, or a personal celebration for a memorable occasion, John will create an atmosphere of tasteful enjoyment that your guests will remember for years to come.


Every event is personalized to your audience and your goals, whether it be a corporate event that needs plenty of space for business discussions or a memorable party just for your and your family.

Some events are better-suited for large cheese tables with signage indicating the best pairings. Other events offer an opportunity to have specific stations as described in the section below.


John has planned, organized and conducted a multitude of wine and/or beer and cheese receptions for groups of all sizes, from very small private parties to corporate events with hundreds of attendees. Don't sweat the details. John's got every one of them handled.


Pairing Stations

Give your guests a unique experience

Some events offer an opportunity to have stations set up with specific pairings and more detailed information about every component.


Your guests would proceed through the stations on a self-guided tour at their own pace for a complete taste experience.

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